Do you serve clients in places beyond Winterset?

Absolutely. I named my business after my hometown, where I live and work. But I also have websites around the state of Iowa, for organizations such as the Iowa Cheerleading Coaches Association, Iowa Rivers Revival, the Iowa Bed & Breakfast Guild, and more. I also serve clients out of state, currently in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.


Do you provide maintenance for all of your websites?

Yes I do. I firmly believe that a website should be a living and flexible thing, always changing to reflect what’s happening in your business or organization. I much prefer to help people make frequent content updates than to let a website go stale or out of date. Also, there are things that must be done to keep a website healthy: regular file updates, backups, security checks, and more. I also help keep an eye on the analytics, to make sure you’re getting the traffic you want from your investment.


Do you provide a discount rate for nonprofit organizations?

I do have a nonprofit rate, and I’m happy to talk with you about budget constraints. I appreciate people who do good work in the world, and I like to help make it happen.


Why are your fees lower than some of the other designers and/or developers out there?

I purposely choose to serve a middle-ground market that needs more than a DIY website, but not something so unique that it needs to be coded from scratch. I take full advantage of the WordPress open source market to find themes and plugins that work well to customize a website suitable for most small businesses and organizations. Also, I prefer to develop an ongoing relationship with clients instead of building a product and then turning it over. So, my up front fee is a bit lower and I make up for that over time by maintaining the site in great shape.


How quickly do you respond to requests for website updates?

I strive for a 24-hour turnaround time, Monday through Friday. So, if you send me something to update on Monday, I’ll have it done by Tuesday (or often the same day). If you send me something on Friday, it might not get done until Monday.


Do you have experience with recovery of website hacks?

Yes. It’s not my favorite job, but I can usually help or get you to someone who can. Maintenance prevents many of those situations from arising in the first place.