Family Cancer Network Website

Family Cancer Network Website

Family Cancer Network is an amazing nonprofit organization in Des Moines that raises funds to help offset the “extra” costs of dealing with cancer — lost wages due to treatment, food and lodging expenses, and more. What started as just one annual 5K event grew to an entire network of volunteers and activities all in pursuit of the same goal. To create this website, along with the 5K event website, I worked with elements provided by a graphic designer and photographer on their team. It was my pleasure to help them create an online presence.

Norwalk Easter Public Library Website

Norwalk Easter Public Library Website

The Norwalk Public Library used to have its web presence on the City of Norwalk’s website, but due to having a large amount of information to share, it needed more room to spread out. I moved the content from the old site into a new draft, and I used the bright and colorful new logo they commissioned as a jumping off point to design a vibrant and user-friendly website that is easy to navigate through their many programs and offerings. I love the color palette!

We later heard that Niche Academy, the third-party provider of the Tutorials section of the website, uses this website as a model of what successful integration looks like and how it works for library patrons.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources Winterset Websites is operated from my home office in Des Moines, Iowa, which means I am able to continue providing service as usual at this time. I’ve been helping all kinds of businesses to adapt their online presence in various ways: products for sale (digital and physical), videos, podcasts, updates and announcements, and … Read more

Lowe Chiropractic Clinic Website

Lowe Chiropractic Clinic Website

Dr. Clayton Lowe of Lowe Chiropractic Clinic in Winterset had a website with good information that had fallen out of date. When visitors landed on the site they were greeted with a message about needing to install Flash in order to see it (an older web technology no longer supported). So, I gathered the content from the old site and brought it into a new, mobile friendly design with WordPress. The updated website is bright, cheery and inviting, just like the clinic it represents. No more “Flash.”

Judge Lewis House Bed & Breakfast Website

After years of using a do-it-yourself website builder, the owners of the Judge Lewis House Bed & Breakfast decided to work with me to showcase their new B&B property.

The new website has a more professional look and feel, and its search presence has increased. Guests can now view full sized images of the rooms. The owners are free to focus on their business without needing to keep the website up to date. They send me photos and changes by email as needed, and updates are complete within 24 hours of the next business day.

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Group Dynamic Website

Alan Feirer is a trainer and consultant who has been blogging for many years. The goal of this website is to showcase his engaging presentation style, make it easy to sign up for his blog by email, and make sure organizations that need training and development are able to find him when searching online.

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Blood Sweat & Beers 5K Website

Blood Sweat & Beers Iowa is an annual 5K event hosted by the Family Cancer Network each October in downtown Des Moines. Family Cancer Network, and all proceeds of this event, help support Iowans to offset the extra expenses incurred in treating blood and pediatric cancers.

This website allows visitors to fill out an application for assistance, donate to the cause, sign up for the event, or just learn more about how to get involved with the Family Cancer Network.

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First Lutheran | Christ the Servant Website

First Lutheran and Christ the Servant are two faith communities, one in Chariton and the other in Corydon. They share one pastor, and one website.

Church websites are unique because they have two different primary audiences: members and visitors. The members use the website as a hub of information, watching to see special announcements about upcoming programs, meetings, and more. Visitors mainly want to know the denomination of the church, what time worship takes place, and how to locate it. The website aims to provide an open and friendly welcome to both, with an emphasis on being easy to navigate.

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Bed & Breakfast by JASS Website

Bed & Breakfast by JASS is a quaint and rustic-chic property conveniently located on the north side of Winterset in Madison County. Although it had been in business for several years, they only had a Facebook page for some time, and felt they might be missing some opportunities by not having a website.

Having a website in addition to a Facebook page allows you to showcase information in a layout that makes sense for your business, and leads people through your whole story instead of just what’s happening right now. In this case, the website allows them to feature full-size images of the beautifully decorated rooms in their renovated historic property. It also answers frequently asked questions about their policies.

The owners have reported a great increase in bookings now that people can see the details of the property, and their online visibility on Google has improved too.

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Cru9 Wine Website

The former Cru9 Wine website had grown out of date, and its online sales function was cumbersome. The owner contacted me to create an updated website to showcase her wines, as well as integrate with an industry-specific online sales platform called VinoShipper. With VinoShipper she can add information about new wines as they are produced, as well as set up club pricing and run specials. This automatically feeds to the website, which we keep updated regularly with new photos and information.

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