Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce Website

Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce Website

The Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce contacted me to help them integrate their website with Chambermaster, the membership software package they were already using. I had done a similar project for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and they wanted something that would function similarly. Both chambers serve as a hub for member support and local tourism, which makes them unique.

I love the challenge of taking a large amount of data and making it user friendly, as well as working with locations that are so naturally picturesque!

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources Winterset Websites is operated from my home office in Des Moines, Iowa, which means I am able to continue providing service as usual at this time. I’ve been helping all kinds of businesses to adapt their online presence in various ways: products for sale (digital and physical), videos, podcasts, updates and announcements, and … Read more

Judge Lewis House Bed & Breakfast Website

After years of using a do-it-yourself website builder, the owners of the Judge Lewis House Bed & Breakfast decided to work with me to showcase their new B&B property.

The new website has a more professional look and feel, and its search presence has increased. Guests can now view full sized images of the rooms. The owners are free to focus on their business without needing to keep the website up to date. They send me photos and changes by email as needed, and updates are complete within 24 hours of the next business day.

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